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We have a screening process to determine if PAWS can provide you with a dog that fits your needs. Eligibility requirements and screening procedures vary for each type of dog that we place.

In order to be considered to receive an application for a PAWS Assistance Dog, you must meet one of the following criteria:

1. You must be a combat wounded veteran challenged by a physical disability or PTSD. We also consider First Responders who have been injured through their work.

2. Children must have a qualifying physical disability and be over the age of six.

Please include the following in your initial email:
Phone call inquiries will be referred to this site.

Email Us

  • Full Name of person in need
  • Your name if inquiring for another person
  • City and State in which you reside
  • Telephone Number
  • Brief summary (one paragraph) of the type of assistance you want from a PAWS dog