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PACT Program

PAWS Assistance Crisis Team (PACT) program

Our fully trained and highly experienced PAWS PACT teams participate in therapy sessions for adults and children in crisis at designated venues within our community. These include David Lawrence Center, Lorenzo Walker Institute’s New Beginnings School and Hazelden Betty Ford Addiction Center.

PACT teams also respond to crisis situations where the innocent become victims of tragic events. At these times the human-canine interactions of PACT Teams become a conduit for a decrease in anxiety, a reduction in fear and relief from many symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PAWS dogs cross boundaries that humans can’t cross and they do it without words.

The typical PACT project, which is local and very time limited, is covered under our normal operating budget.  PAWS dogs can make a difference. We are asking for your support so that they can continue their work.