Why Help PAWS | PAWS Assistance Dogs, Inc.


Why Help PAWS


Helping our local veterans and children.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and enhance independence for veterans and children in need by partnering them at no cost with a trained assistance dog.

Why is there a need for PAWS?

Serving those who need us the most.

These highly trained and intuitive canines are able to assist with mobility assistance and other physical needs and are trained to meet the specific needs of each individual. PAWS dogs are restoring independence and uplifting lives of those we serve.

Why should you donate now?

PAWS is growing!

Every day, PAWS is continuously receiving multiple application requests. Currently, we have 30 individuals on our waiting list. To place one PAWS dog with a veteran or a child, it costs up to $35,000. Please support our vision to be the leading provider of assistance dogs in Florida.

Why should you care about PAWS?

Improving your local community.

Along with improving the quality of life for our wounded veterans and children living with a disability, we have made a commitment to the community to provide social services to those most in need.