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Our New Facility

The Power of PAWS

Building Independence – Building Community, a brief overview of our building campaign:

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $7,000,000 over the next 2 years in order to purchase land, design and build our new training facility. We will also establish an Endowment Fund to help sustain the annual operations.

  • The floor plan is finalized and the initial concept for the façade is in place. We are completing exterior design for recreational grounds as well as parking. We have determined we need a 5 acre plot of land.
  • The building currently stands at approximately 23,000 square feet which includes many state of the art features. It will be a Hurricane 5 level shelter to ensure the safety of our dogs and staff.
  • The plans are to build smart and Green to ensure efficient use of resources and may include the use of solar energy. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of life and healthiest environment possible for our dogs, staff and all visitors.
  • The facility will provide dormitory type residence for 30 adult dogs and 10 puppies – allowing us to place up to 20 service dogs per year and expand our community service programs.
  • It will include a 3200 square feet state of the art training arena complete with real-life training areas to provide both the dogs and their recipients the most advanced training opportunities currently available in the service dog industry.
  • There is a veterinary care area along with grooming rooms to maintain the highest standards of care for our dogs.
  • The plans include a caretaker’s apartment to ensure that our dogs are supervised 24 hours a day.
  • Included are administrative offices with conference room and a library/activity area for children, an on-line and on-site retail store, catering kitchen and all of the amenities needed to provide our visiting recipients, community members and guests a memorable experience.
  • In keeping with our commitment to community service the training arena is designed to facilitate educational events, provide demonstrations and training to staff or the public and to provide space for therapy work and indoor exercise during our summer months.
  • The grounds will include exercise runs, an agility course and pathways that include many visual and tactile stimulations for the enrichment of the dogs in our care.

Our goal is to be the very best training academy currently known in the assistance dog training world.